Eco-Club Activities of

Baksa and Udalguri District

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Every Eco-Club should display a banner in a safe place of the school premises. The banner should be 2 feet in height and 3 feet in width with white colour letter on green background. Please see the design below: 

Special Activities of Teliapara Middle School

The school Eco-Club is located under Hatigarh P.O. of Udalguri district. The Eco-Club has started a massive plantation activity in the month of June 2021 under the guidance of school head Mr. Chandra Bharali. 

Special Activities of Bandarguri High School

Eco-Club members of Bandarguri High School Eco-Club of Udalguri district has done a splendid job in the month of June’2021, identification and creation of a database of all the trees in the school campus. 

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