Baksa district is situated at the North-Western part of Assam. The district head quarter is Mushalpur which is near about 110Km away from the state capital Guwahati.u00a0 Baksa district shares the international boarder with Bhutan with sloppy topography of plains and foothills. The vegetaion of the district is characterized mainly by lush green forest and varieties of flora and fauna. The district is rich in biological diversity and also include maximum part of by the famous Manas National Park. The climate of the district is sub-tropical in nature with warm and humid summer and also followed by cool and dry winter. The average rainfall of the district is found to be 76 mm in the recent years.

The Eco-Club activities of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) is implemeted in Assam by Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC) as a state Nodal Agency. In Baksa district, the Green Environment Task Force (GETF) is working as District Nodal Agency. There are 334 National Green Corps Eco-Clubs till now in Baksa district.

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Udalguri Town is the headquarter of the district. It is near about 112km away from state capital Guwahati. Udalguri district shares the boarder with Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan in the North. The district include Orang Wildlife Sanctuary, Barnadi Sanctuary, and the famous picnic spot Bhairabkunda where one can visit the Gethsemane Man-Made Forest. Udalguri is one of the naturally rich and beautiful district of Assam.

For implementing Eco-Club activities, Green Environment Task Force is working as District Nodal Agency. There are 191 Eco-Clubs till now under National Green Corps in Udalguri district

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