Special Activities of Teliapara Middle School

Teliapara Middle School

The school Eco-Club is located under Hatigarh P.O. of Udalguri district. The Eco-Club has started a massive plantation activity in the month of June, 2021 under the guidance of school head Mr. Chandra Bharali. The plantation was done in collaboration with local bodies like Teliapara Namghar Committee, Masjid Committee and Shiv Mandir Committee. Plantation started with a target of 1100 numbers of saplings in 12 bighas of land nearby the school campus belonged to school and local community. The plantation is carried out with proper fencing of the land area specifically iron fenced.

Two plant species are selected namely Segun goch (Tectona grandis L.f.) and Thakrachi (vernacular name).

Sl. No. Local Name English Name Scientific Name
Tectona grandis L.f.

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