Thematic Annual Calendar

Activities to be taken up by School Eco-Clubs or College Eco-Clubs as per their convenience




  • Awareness on Clean Technology,
  • National Youth Day (12th January).


  • Awareness on Water Conservation and Celebration of Wetland Day (2nd Feb),
  • World Cancer Day (4th February),
  • International Polar Bear day  (27th February),
  • National Science Day (28th February).    


  • Awareness on Forest Conservation,
  • World Wildlife Day (3rd March),
  • International Women’s Day (8th March),
  • World Sparrow Day (20th March),
  • International Day of Forest (21st  March)
  • International Water Day (22nd March).


  • Energy Audit,
  • Celebration of Earth Day (22nd April),
  • World Health  Day (7th April),
  • World Heritage Day (18th April)


  • Awareness on Biodiversity Conservation ,
  • National Technology Day (11th May)
  • International Day for Biological Diversity (22nd May),
  • World No Tobacco Day (31st April).


  • World Environment Day (5th June),
  • World Ocean Day (8th June),
  • World Blood Donors Day (14th June),
  • Awareness on Combating Desertification (17th June),
  • International Yoga Day (21st June),
  • International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (26th June).


  • Massive tree plantation/ Greening neighbourhood,
  • Van Mahotsav (1st-7th July
  • International Plastic Bag Free Day (3rd July)
  • World Population Day (11th July),
  • World Snake Day  (16th July),
  • World Nature Conservation Day (28th July),
  • International Tigers Day (29th July).
  • World Elephant Day (12th August)


  • National Nutrition week (1st -7th September),
  • National Teachers Day (5th September),
  • Eye Donation Day (8th September),
  • Awareness on Preservation of Ozone and International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer (16th October),
  • World Peace Day (21st September),
  • World Heart Day (29th September),


  • Waste management,
  • World Habitat Day (First Monday of October)
  • Wildlife week ( 1-7th October),
  • National Blood Donor’s Day (1st October)
  • World Animal Day (4th October),
  • Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October),
  • International Day for Disaster Reduction (13th October)
  • National Students Day (15th October),
  • World Food Day (16th October),
  • Birthday of Homi Bhaba, Nuclear physicist (30th October).


  • Awareness on Protection and Conservation of Wildlife,
  • World Science Day (10th November),
  • National Education Day (11th November),
  • Children’s Day and World Diabetes Day (14th November),
  • World Television Day ( 21st November),
  • World Milk Day (26th November)


  • Awareness on Control of Pollution,
  • World AIDS Day ( 1st December),
  • National Pollution Prevention and Bhopal Tragedy Day (2nd December),
  • World Soil Day ( 5th December),
  • Human Rights Day (10th December),
  • International Mountains Day (11th December),
  • National Energy Conservation Day (14th December),
  • National Mathematics Day (22n December),
  • National Farmers Day (23rd December),
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