About the Eco-Club Programme

The National Green Corps (NGC) is a major initiative of Environment Forests and Climate Change (MoFE&CC), Govt. of India for creating environmental awareness launched in 2001-02 which aims at building cadres of young children working towards environmental conservation and sustainable development. The phenomenal response that NGC has received and made a network of more than 120000 Eco-Clubs across the country  making it one of the largest conservation networks indicating its importance at grass root level in taking the environmental awareness at mass. Environmental activity in schools in India is promoted through the National Green Corps. These NGC Students participate in activities related to Biodiversity Conservation, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Waste Management and Land Use Planning and Resource Management. Local specific issues are focused by the NGC Eco Clubs. When young girls and boys from NGC take up the environmental awareness activities and outreach activities, they attract huge public attention which eventually becomes public support for an environmental cause or environmental intervention. This is the largest such programme anywhere in the world. When these trained NGC Students grow up and take the environmental challenges of this second the most populous country, it is expected that there will be huge difference made to the way the resources are consumed and conserved.

In Assam, the Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTE Council or ASTEC) is the State Nodal Agency to implement National Green Corps (NGC)  programme.

Green Environment Task Force (GETF) is the collaborating agency as District Nodal Agency  of Baksa district since 2017. GETF has been given the responsibility of District Nodal Agency of Udalguri district since 2019.


This website www.greenenvironment.in started in the month of June’2021 is meant to publish the activities of Eco-Clubs of Baksa and Udalguri districts. The portal is started by the District Nodal Agency – Green Environment Task Force.  The website is created with an aim to know about the activities undertaken by the Eco-clubs of the district. Anyone including the Eco-Club members and Teacher-In- Charge of Eco-Clubs can see their activities in this website and also access to the activities of other Eco-Clubs. The website (www.greenenvironment.in) is a platform for our young green cadets with an interest on environmental issue to publish their feelings/views/opinions in writings in the form of Article, Poem, Story, Art, Slogan, photography, News Etc.

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